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Our Core Values

The TA Method

To strive to build a culture based upon respect, diversity, safety, positivity and growth.

Support and process around the needs of our clients


For clients, facilitators, animals, environment along with diversity, openness to all religions and beliefs.

Holding ourselves accountable to deliver the best support for clients, horses and facilitators.


Committing to continue to improve and challenge ourselves and each other to better our clients.

Holding everyone and each other accountable for ethical practices for our clients, animals andnature.

Code of Ethics

The TA Method

  • TA Method practitioners provide safe, compassionate, competent care for all clients receiving Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Equine Assisted Services. 

  • TA Method practitioners see the value of and will uphold the highest standard of physical care for the equine partners and will follow ethical guidelines provided by the Equine Code of Practice within their country of residence. 

  • TA Method practitioners ensure all equipment used with the equine partners to be of therapeutic relevance and used to promote therapeutic growth and progress of their clients.

  • TA Method practitioners recognize and respect the need for emotional safety and will work towards providing absolute autonomy for all clients while assisting with necessary information for treatment and services.

  • TA Method practitioners promote education of the public and clients regarding informed decision-making about engagement in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Equine Assisted Services and promise to be held accountable for their practice.

  • TA Method practitioners will practice within their scope and personal strengths and share knowledge with other practitioners.

  • TA Method practitioners will maintain privacy and confidentiality of each client and will follow and adhere to all provincial and area laws and ethical codes.

  • TA Method practitioners will not engage in illicit or illegal activities or dishonesty that will have adverse effects on any equine assisted service or industry. 


Team Approach

The TA Method is designed as a team approach facilitation technique with a minimum of two practitioners. It consists of an Equine Specialist Practitioner and a Mental Health Practitioner, present in all sessions. If one practitioner is not present in the session, it would not be considered the TA Method. The team approach ensures emotional and physical safety of the clients, practitioners, and horses. In depth descriptions of roles and requirements for Equine Specialist Practitioners and Mental Health Practitioners can be be found here

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