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Distant Learning Certification

Training Certification 

The TA Method certification training provides you with a unique and specialized approach to mental health services by partnering with horses and by building on your skills as an Equine Specialist Practitioner or a licensed Mental Health Practitioner to uncover client driven solutions. In this affordable certification program, you will learn about the following: 


  • The role of practitioners and horses.

  • The importance of the team approach when in the process and partnering with horses and clients.  

  • How to incorporate the immediate bio-feedback loops given by the horses.  

  • Apply metaphors, clean language, and projection to further the client’s understanding of their own processes.

  • Incorporation of somatic experiences increasing the client’s awareness of the present moment and emotions.

  • Foster the relationship between the client and their story for movement forward.

  • Facilitating experiential learning.


If you are an Equine Specialist Practitioner or licensed Mental Health Practitioner who wishes to expand their knowledge and repertoire to begin including equine assisted interventions in their work with clients, The TA Method certification program is for you. 

Distant Learning

  • 6 Month duration - 20 group Zoom calls - 1 to 1.5 hours each (approximately 1 Zoom call per week)

  • TA Method Manual shipped to your door 

  • 2 Mentor coaching sessions - one to one session Zoom call 

  • 2 Filmed videos of practice sessions within 4 weeks of each other (demonstrating skills from building on session one)

  • 4 Session notes submissions 

  • Completion of final project (here are some of the options) 

    • Reflective journaling on personal development 

    • Quiz

    • Video demonstrating your skills learned​​

  • NO membership fees

  • ​Small group class of max 15 students 

  • Payment plan options available - Ask us for more details -> click here 


$999 + HST

Click here for upcoming training dates


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