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Practitioner Requirements

Team Approach

The TA Method is designed as a team approach facilitation technique with a minimum of two practitioners. It consists of an Equine Specialist Practitioner and a Mental Health Practitioner, present in all sessions. If one practitioner is not present in the session, it would not be considered the TA Method. The team approach ensures emotional and physical safety of the clients, practitioners, and horses. In depth descriptions of roles and requirements for Equine Specialist Practitioners and Mental Health Practitioners can be found below.

Equine Specialist 


There is a stark difference between horse people and people who know horses. As an Equine Specialist Practitioner in The TA Method, you must possess a minimum of three years experience around horses. This means knowing and understanding herd dynamics, safely able to work with horses on the ground, knowing signs of colic or other types of distress, nutrition and physical health of horses, etc. Riding skills and mounted experiences are not necessary in The TA Method. Facilitation of sessions is completed on the ground at all times.

Licensed Mental 

Health Practitioner

The Mental Health Practitioner must be licensed in providing mental health counselling services in the province or state they are facilitating in. This means the Mental Health Practitioner is governed by a regulatory body or can ethically provide mental health services such as counselling, therapy, or psychological services. It is the responsibility of the Mental Health Practitioner to ensure they are providing services within the scope of their practice and abiding by provincial or area guidelines with respect to ethical practice. Some examples of a Mental Health Practitioner are (but not limited to): registered social worker, registered psychotherapist, clinical psychologist, occupational therapist with mental health background, registered counsellor, psychiatrist.

Extra Practitioner

You may find yourself not meeting the requirements of either an Equine Specialist Practitioner or Mental Health Practitioner and still wish to learn The TA Method. This certification method welcomes people of all interests to partner as a third person on the facilitation team. Similarly, you may wish to complete the certification to provide additional tools in your life, for personal or professional growth, or working towards completing your equine specialist requirements. We welcome you to partake in The TA Method certification program.

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